The capital city of Poland is Warsaw and it has a population of 2,2 million inhabitants. During WWII over 90% of the city was destroyed but the much of the historic part was rebuilt and other areas have a brand new skyline thanks to an influx of investments made in the 1990s. Famous places to see are the Old Town, Royal Way and Nowy Swiat (New World) which is a collection of sophisticated shops, boutiques and cafes.

Clubbing here is slightly more "high end" than other Eastern cities so dress smart. Your fine threads will make you lots of friends, show a little charm and you'll receive it back. Poles are one of the most hospitable people you will ever meet and Polish girls - one of the most (if not the most) charming in Europe.


Expats frequent Warsaw's bars and clubs like Paparazzi and Eve to name just a few located in the city centre. Among the most tourist - friendly spots in Warsaw is Klubokawiarnia, which bills itself as one of the hippest places in the city located on Czackiego street. The dance floor is packed with a young, single clientele. The club closes every day at 6am. Strict selection, like in many other clubs, so it's best to go with a local guide to avoid negotiating at the door.

On the artistically hip side, there is Kulturana, Powiekszenia and Plan B where you don't need to dress up, and you can get by with jeans and a t-shirt. For the more adventurous, cross the river to the run-down Praga district. Here you can find bars and clubs in former factories and in old tenement buildings. Fabryka Trzciny and Saturator are two popular clubs.

Other more popular choices and things that are good to know about them:

  • Platinium Club - a trendy nightclub; favored among tourists and local show-biz. It is also one os the most expensive bars in Warsaw and door selection is very strict.
  • Klinika - As well quite trendy music club. Located in old Russian military fort on the Raclawicka 99 street. About 5 minutes travelling from city centre.
  • Kokomo strip club - not the best one but pretty central - be careful of drink prices. If they find out you're a tourist and on your own, they may charge you extra for champagne/ other drinks.
  • Regeneracja - a popular bar with dancing open late. Crowd tends to be a bit older (30's) and people who don't take work seriously.
  • Lemon - another late night fun dancing spot, but not a formal club like Platinium.

Groups such as Stag/Hen parties or Birthday groups Office Parties etc... should consider using an experienced company to avoid rip offs and cons targeted at them - strip clubs/ clubs entry fees, taxi drivers, dangerous places etc. This has become a major problem in last 2 years in all tourist destinations in Europe, especially Krakow. Warsaw Pissup's a reliable U.K based holiday organising company in Warsaw.

Taxis - it's always better to use a corporate one. Still, best to agree on price beforehand (shouldn't be more than 40 PLN  or 8 GBP within the city centre) At the airport avoid non-corporate ones. Remember : There's only one river in Warsaw :)

Buses run all night long, but try to avoid - Nightline routes are confusing

10% tip is expected - will get you staff's friendliness right away.

Toilets - don't ask why but it's a triangle for lads and a circle for ladies.

Traffic - no jaywalking - traffic can be busy and you don't want to pay extra fines. Always look left first :)