Mill island, Bydgoszcz 

 Mill Island is one of the most unusual and enchanting places in Bydgoszcz . What makes the island unique is primarily its location in the very heart of the city , just a few steps from the Old Market Square . Starting from the Middle Ages, for a few centuries the island was the industrial centre of the city. Mill Island was the seat of a royal mint , which operated in this place with some interruptions, from 1594 to 1688. The Bydgoszcz mint became famous for its 100 ducats of Sigismund III Vasa , perhaps the largest gold coin in the history of Europe ( 7 centimetres in diameter). Currently, Mill Island is a salon of the city , a green oasis in the centre of a nearly half a million people metropolis. Most of the buildings located on the island date back to the 19 th century. H owever, the cellar of the so-called White Granary remembers the 15th century . Water, footbridges , old mills (now museums) , red-brick buildings reflected in the depths of the Młynówka River (the so-called Venice of Bydgoszcz ), groomed green areas - all this creates the atmosphere of today’s Bydgoszcz river island .