Wroclaw is definitely a location which knows how to turn the heat up when the sun goes down. Two places with highest concentration of clubs, pubs and restaurants are: 

  • The Market Square area (also with small streets next to it) - many restaurants and pubs so you can eat well and have good fun. The whole place is monitored by the city police and is very safe even late at night. 

  • Pasaż Niepolda (Niepolda Street, clubbing arcade) is an area of Wroclaw which offers several bars and clubs all in one spot. It's one of the most favourite places for students to come on Thursdays and Fridays nights. The place is a bit hidden, you need to get outside the Market Square area, on the Ruska Street (Pasaż Niepolda it's the back alley near the Helios cinema). The place is rather safe but from time to time acts of violence may occur late at night (usually minor fights at clubs) - because of many drunken young people strolling around. But the place is well monitored by the police and there are also security guards in many clubs.

In general, Wroclaw city centre is safe at night, especially in the Main Square area. The police patrols are frequent and street violence or fights in clubs are rather rare. You can enjoy the nightlife and you shouldn't be affraid but general precautions should be taken just like in any other city in Europe.