Travelers can opt to take the train, tram, bus or ferry to get to where they want to go, and they will find that each of these options is convenient, efficient, inexpensive and safe.


In Wroclaw you can use trams or buses to move around. Trams are usually quicker and more comfortable. Single rides cost less than $1 for the most parts of the city, although prices vary depending upon the age of traveler and the time of travel. Additionally, there are express bus routes which cost a bit more but are a little bit faster. There are various types of tickets, for example: single ride tickets, multi-ride passes (from one-day passes to ninety-day passes or more), time-tickets which you can use from 30 mins to 72 hours. Students can use discount tickets that cost half a price. 

You can buy single tickets in stands/kiosks, ticket machines available at many bus/tram stops (they allow credit/debit cards and cash), ticket machines available inside every tram/bus (only credit/debit cards) and in some regular grocery shops. REMEMBER: since there are machines on every bus/tram, drivers no longer sell tickets! So if you are planning to buy your ticket on board, then remember to have your credit/debit card with you! 

Remember to validate your single tickets or time-tickets just after getting on a tram/bus! (time-tickets need to be validated only once, not on every ride) 


There are also islands and canals in the center of Wroclaw so from spring to fall you can travel around using ferries and boats. There is for example a ferry which takes people from the city center to the Zoo. You can also hire a canoe or a motorboat to travel on your own. Small boats are available for rent in a tiny marina next to the National Museum building (Muzeum Narodowe). 


OpenWroclaw is available from May 2012 and allows tourists and Wroclaw citizens to combine traveling around the city with cultural attractions. The three basic functions are: (1) public transport period pass (24 h, 48 h, 72 h) (2) discount card for restaurants, hotels, bars etc. (3) package of free admissions to cultural institutions and leisure and entertainment facilities. You will find all the details on the official website: (information available in 6 languages)


Some reading in English and useful sites in English:,getti...

-> a very useful site. Just pick a start point and a destination point by clicking on the map or use the browser on the top of the page (you need to know the names of stops then). Then click "search" and it will show you possible routs, numbers of trams and buses and expected duration of travel.