If you are looking for a day trip near Cracow, there are many places worth seeing.

The first really interesting place is the Salt Mine in Wieliczka, every time there are many tourists from different countries and it is probably one of the best known sites in Poland because of its international fame. You can visit underground chambers and breathe the air which has certain properties which can be very useful for people with lung problems.

Secondly there is Auschwitz concentration camp - a historical place and a symbol of tragic events, which took place during World War II.

20 km west of Cracow is Krzeszowice, a former spa town, still with some beautiful buildings and parks including a great Potocki palace with English style park, Tenczyn castle ruins (known as "little Wawel castle"), old carmelites` cloister , and a country club nearby (golf, horseriding, shooting range).

 30 km north of Cracow is an Ojców valley, with picturesque rock formations (famous Hercules Club rock), and a renaissance castle in Piaskowa Skala.

Mini-buses or in the States what look like "charter buses" run tours down to Zakopane from Krakow all day and night.  So even if you are not staying in Zakopane you could take an "all day trip" to the mountains and come back later to Krakow for the night life.  The minbuses are very comfortable and by far the best transportation in Poland.