You need look no farther than Krakow 's Market Square (Rynek Glowny) for souvenir shopping. There are plenty of carts offering trinkets and also wonderful snacks (try wata, Polish cotton candy).

The true treasures await inside the covered market hall (Sukiennice). Here you can find thousands of affordable pieces of the amber jewelry for which Poland is known. Hand-knitted sweaters, dolls, pottery, wooden boxes and other handicrafts make fabulous souvenirs. The square is also a great place to take photos, and a gallery of the National Museum of Poland is on the upper floor of the Market Hall.

Jewelry can be had for a very reasonable price. Also the wooden jewellery boxes/chess sets are well made and are very good value. There are maybe too many amber stalls to choose from, it can get a bit overwhelming, but great fun!

There are usually flower stalls and souvenir stalls outside in the main square so you could take home a cuddly dragon! (because of the legend of the dragon that once terrorised the city).

There are many small kiosks dotted around the city which sell snacks, drinks and magazines, etc. Some corner shops are 24-hour and the prices aren’t too much more than other stores although large supermarkets such as the Carrefour in Galeria Krakowska are always the cheapest. There is a wide variety of biscuits available in the grocery stores although it does seem that wafers are very popular in Polish shops.

Vodka which is good quality can be purchased around the city, either plain or flavoured vodkas such as cherry, grapefruit and lemon. Pack it well to ensure no breakages in a suitcase though, if taking it home!

You can find pretzel stalls around Krakow, one is priced at about 1.50 zloty, available with different toppings such as sesame or poppy seeds.

The shopping malls include Galeria Krakowska which is by the railway station and Galeria Kazimierz which is in the Jewish Quarter. These have clothes stores, shoe shops, phone shops, coffee shops, pharmacies and a variety of other outlets.