Music has been a highlight of Polish life and travel for at least 1,000 years. Ancient folksongs, Judeochristian liturgies, and Classical music are all part of Krakow's musical history. Since the 20th century, popular music has become more apparent in daily life than Classical music.

The Grand Square commonly acts as an open air concert venue for international bands. The radio stations frequently play hip-hop, rock, and techno from neighboring Czech and German communities.

Yet, the Classical music traditions of old are still accesible. The Johannes Sebastian Bach Festival takes place in March and the Ludwig Van Beethoven Festival takes place in April. A calendar of jazz and Classical music  rotates all year long.

Krakow Philharmonic Orchestra and the Krakow Opera Company are the major, traditional groups in residence. Head north to Warsaw for a strongly dedicated Classical audience. The city entombed Chopin's heart in the pillar of its Holy Cross Church.

Furthermore, the dramatic arts are highly appreciated in Krakow. Several talented playhouses exist within the Old town area. The National Star Theater ranks along with the most distinguished playhouses in all of Europe.The Slowackiego, Groteska Puppeteers, and the Higher State Theater schools are also budding theater companies. 

The Warsaw Grand Theater Ballet and the Brussels Ballet occasionally tour within Krakow. Krakow was the host of an International Ballet Festival in 2003.


Sts. Peter & Paul Church offers evening classical concerts that last about an hour. It's a beautiful setting and you'll have just enough time to absorb some culture before venturing out for dinner.