Thirty minutes outside of Krakow lies the 700-year-old Wieliczka Salt Mine.  If touring a salt mine isn't high on your list of things to do, well, you should re-evaluate your list.  Visitors descend hundreds of meters below ground  on foot to explore the mine on guided tours.  While the mine has the the geological formations you might expect, would you expect a tennis court?  Or a ball room carved from salt?  How about a chapel, and even a snack bar?  The most thrilling part of the tour is the exit from the mine, which involves a speedy, pitch-black ride in a caged mine elevator.  And don't forget to pick up some Princess Kinga bath salts at the gift shop. 

 The mine is easily reached by public bus no. 304 which go regularly from the station Dworzec Główny Zachód which is located on Kurniki street. You will easy find this bus because of yellow colour. The bus looks like on image below.

Bus no.304 

The ticket costs 4 złoty and you can buy it from the ticket machine at the bus stop - it will be shown as 'aglomeration I+II zone one fare ticket'. You can easy check timetable here:

You have to get off the bus at the station Wieliczka Kościół (Two stops before the last stop).

 At the mine you will have to wait for a tour group of your language choice to form, which according to the mines website will be no longer than an hour as you are not allowed down the mine without a guide.  You can also hire your own guide if you wish.  Be aware the mine can be very busy so getting there early is advisable.

 Here are a few photos of the mine:

The Salt Mines

  The mine shaft.


Nicholas Copernicus


Underground cathedral 

Pope John Paul II