Traditional Polish pottery is more difficult to find than one might imagine.  Many touristy places abound but the best selection by far is Sklep Mila, ul.Stawkowska 14.....within the old town and easily identified by a trade board on the sidewalk.  Large, tasteful selection. There is a somewhat smaller shop across the street that features similar items but not necessarily in the same pattern or styles.

 Historically accurate pieces, including lovely glassware, are to be found in Sklep Historyczny which is located at the backside of the St. Mary's Church.....near where the horses are watered.....Plac Mariacki 3.   Leather wear items and wooden pieces are also sold.

An additional source of pottery from Boleslawiec (make sure there is a "Hand Made in Poland" stamp on the bottom to ensure authenticity) is Kobalt Pottery and More at ul.Grodzka 62. Although the offerings are similar in style, again, there are somewhat different designs and variations with modern versions as well as the more traditional ones

 Both Sklep Mila and Kobalt have websites so you can generally preview the types of pottery available and the stores are only about a ten minute walk from each other so you can easily compare items and inventory. Sklep Mila does offering shipping, but Kobalt does not.