Krakow is the city of polish kings and one of the oldest cities in Poland. It was a capital of Poland before Warsaw - from 1038 to 1596. It has a population of circa 760,000 inhabitants and about 100,000 students, mostly female! Generally speaking, in Krakow there are slightly more women, 400,000-plus among the registered citizens, than men. The city is situated on the Vistula river (Polish: Wisła).

No wonder Krakow has become one of Top European Destinations for foreign tourist. The city’s architecture is similar to that of Prague, owing to Krakow being miraculously spared destruction during WWII. Walking Krakow's streets will literally take you back in time.

Famous places to see are the Krakow's Old Town, the Kazimierz Jewish District, Wawel Castle,  the Jagiellonian University, Krakow's Churches….but the real jewel of the city is its friendly laid-back people and world-famous nightlife.

The City is full of pubs, bars and clubs, some open 24h, but to avoid dangerous places and get the best of Krakow you need to know where to go. Polish people are pretty friendly so if you’re a married couple, you’ll make friends easily. Large, organised groups, stag dos, and office trips, however, should definitely consider using services of specialised companies offering limo transfers, paintballing, rafting, discounted strip club entries (not the best idea to go on your own) local guides etc. Most of them are locally based but the biggest and most reliable one is British ( Pissup). Anyways, always keep the noise down while entering( strict selection to best clubs) and unless you have a local guide,  ALWAYS make sure how much locals pay.

Kitsch Club with its summer gardens, Caryca Club and Domek café is situated on Dajwór 16 str, on Kazimierz District (part of the old town ) – near the Main Post Office, and train and bus main station. All of the Clubs are situated on the ground floor where you can find dancefloors, rooms with comfortable couches.  Because of the great location of the place you don’t need a car, because it’s not far away from any place in Cracow. By foot from the Market Square it is from 10 to 15

Before you go out make sure you dress properly (e.g. no trainers in clubs) . Numerous clubs like Rdza, Prozac, Ministerstwo are tourist friendly. Sometimes, however, you can be stopped by an invitation-only party or an unfriendly bouncer. Apart from this, whatever you heard of Krakow is probably true – plenty of good-looking babes, friendly lads, vodka shots till dawn…truth is some people don’t even see their hotel room once for the entire stay. 

A few out of hundreds bars worth mentioning :

Cień club

Dynia Café Bar

Vodka bar


  1. Don't drink tap water.
  2. 10-15 % tip is expected – will get you faster service and smile on their faces, impresses women too.
  3. Toilets -  a triangle for men and a circle for women.
  4. Traffic - no jaywalking - traffic can be busy and you don't want to pay extra fines. Always look left first :) and rather stick to the city centre pedestrian zones, where all the nightlife is.
  5. When in Rome do as Romans do, when in Krakow, do as Krakowians à keep the noise down when you’ve had a few pints.
  6. Polish beer is much stronger than British – if you can drink 10 of them back home, in Poland stop at 6.