Prague’s taxis are legendary for their bad reputation (see Safety section); nowadays things are changing for better as authorities are cracking on the system. Still if you need a ride it’s better to call a central dispatcher in advance instead of finding one on the street to be assured of safety. There is a Czech documentary in English about taxis in Prague - Prague vs. Crooks. See it on YouTube. 

You don´t have to be afraid to make a reservation even from the Airport in advance, if you know verified dispatching (see below). The price is not fixed, but it may be cheaper.

There are lots of dependable and well regulated radio-taxi companies in Prague with English-speaking operators (AAA Radio taxi is the biggest and most used, but in Prague are many others skilful, steady and quality dispatchings) and courteous service. Some companies offer application for smart phones, which can localize you using GPS and show the approximate price etc. Your hotel will be happy to provide you with a number or arrange a taxi ride for you.

Local taxi rates at maximum (by the law) : drop charge is 40 CZK plus 28 CZK per kilometer, and 6 CZK per one minute of waiting time. The ride from airport to Prague center will cost from 500 CZK to 700 CZK. The taxi rate from a dispatcher may be cheaper (for example 19 CZK/km) , better quality and guarantee, in comparison with taxi from the street. Next advantage of dispatchings is that all drivers accept payment by euro. (always better to pay in local currency) 

AAA Radio Taxi
(+420) 233 113 311(+420) 233 113 311

City Taxi
(+420) 257 257 257(+420) 257 257 257

Profi Taxi
(+420) 244 114 411(+420) 244 114 411

Modry andel
(+420) 737 222 333
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App for iPhone

Tick Tack taxi
(+420) 721 300 300

Taxi Praha
(+420) 222 111 000(+420) 222 111 000
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Airport Transfers

Transfer services for flat rate are an alternative to common taxi service. It is as comfortable as common taxi service, but in these cases customers pay only prices set in advance. From 1st May 2013 there is a new law which regulates taxi services and transfer services for flat rates Drivers without taximeters are not allowed to take passengers off the street and bookings should be made in advance. 

A lot of companies are specialized in airport transfers - they check actual times of arrival, so there are no complications when flights are delayed. All of the contractual transport companies don´t have charges for waiting and there is no drop charge.

Ride to Prague center will cost you 500 to 600 CZK (about 20 to 25 Euro)

Prague Airport Transfers sro
(+420) 222 554 211(+420) 222 554 211 

Prague Airport Shuttle
+420 602 395 421+420 602 395 421

Prague Airport Shared Shuttle
(+420) 800 870 888(+420) 800 870 888

Transfer Prague
+420 790 444 744+420 790 444 744

Prague City Transfers 

Taxi Transfers Prague
+420 778800288+420 778800288+420 778800288+420 778800288 

ASAP Prague Transport
+420 774 466 977+420 774 466 977+420 774 466 977+420 774 466 977

Prague airport taxi & transfers by TAFI s.r.o.
 (+420) 608 444 531(+420) 608 444 531
 (+420) 777 444 574 

(+420) 720 303 000(+420) 720 303 000 

Diamond Prague Trans
(+420) 774 502 772(+420) 774 502 772(+420) 774 502 772(+420) 774 502 772

Prague2Go Transfers

ICTAXI.CZ Intercity Transfers
+420 778 800 388+420 778 800 388+420 778 800 388+420 778 800 388

Prague Airport Transfers

Mr. Transfer 
(+420) 608 553 080(+420) 608 553 080(+420) 608 553 080(+420) 608 553 080

 Prague Airport Transport 
(+420) 721 333 131

Martin's Taxi & Transfers
00420 777 885 925 

24/7/365 Shuttle, Taxi, Transfers
00420 775 744 447 




Transportation Apps

UBER, the smartphone app for transportation

Liftago app (iPhone, Android) can be used to call a taxi.


Rental Cars

If you are planning to stay just in Prague, renting a car is not a very good idea considering restricted parking in the city center, difficult navigation and quite heavy traffic. When in Prague, walk or use Prague efficient public transit system, which is safe and inexpensive and you can hop on the tram even after midnight.

However, driving is the perfect way of exploring the Czech countryside at your own pace. When planning your trip, note that driving times vary significantly depending on the type of road in the Czech province. Distance alone is not a sound indicator of the travel time. Multi-lane expressways connect major cities like Brno, Plzen, and Karlovy Vary; anywhere else roads may crawl though small towns and villages with restricted speed zones, or be under construction. Having a current detailed road map is a must when driving a car in the Czech Republic.

Unless you will stay in the country for more than 60 days, you don’t need any special driving documents. Otherwise, an international driver’s license (available from your local AAA for $10) is required . You must be over 18 to drive a car in the Czech Republic and must carry your driving license at all times, along with a vehicle registration card, and an ownership certificate or rental agreement. In the city the speed limit is 50km/h, while outside urban areas the speed limit is 90km/h and 130km/h on highways. Seatbelts are mandatory in the front and back seats. The Czech Republic has a zero-tolerance policy on alcohol consumption , so even a single beer consumed before driving may potentially get you into trouble.

With a valid driving license and a credit card you can rent a car from any local and international rental car agencies. Some local Czech companies are quite reliable and can give you a better deal. Check the companies web sites below whether the company has an airport office in Prague.

Before you rent, it is highly recommended that you type in the company's name into Google, in conjunction with the word "complaint" or "scam". There are a number of rental companies at the airport, with a vey bad reputation. 



ASAP Rent car



Czechocar CS

Rentplus Car Rental


TrendPark  Electric vehicle RENT 


Van Rental


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