Do you know Karel Zeman?  Its a pity, if not! He was a real genius of 20th century films, from Czech Republic.

The new exhibition in a center of Prague, just a few meters from Charles Bridge shows his unique visual style he used in his films and a cool film, featuring special effects before digital technology.

Maybe you know some of his movies.  For example, Journey to the Beginning (nearly as realistic as Spilberg´s - Jurassic Park 40 years later), The Fabulous Jules Verne (Treasure of world kinematografy) or The Baron Munchausen (which is better then the film from Terry Gilliam ....)

Quality modern exposition.  Individual tour takes you approximately one hour and the museum is open from 10am to 7am. It is good for film funs and families! Info in many languages (English, German, France, Japan ...).

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