Karlovy Vary is beautiful in the winter, when there is snow on the ground and residents bundle up in big coats and furry hats. Many say winter is a great time to visit for these very reasons, but as could be expected, it’s cold and, depending on your personal comfort zone, maybe too cold.

The average daily temperature in Karlovy Vary in December is 28, with the max high around 32 and the usual low about 28. This isn’t super freezing cold weather, but definitely cold enough to require a big coat and maybe a scarf and hat as well. January and February temperatures aren’t much different with daily temperatures averaging about 27 and 31, respectively.

If you’re looking for California weather, you won’t find it here, even in the heat of summer. The average daily high here in July and August is 61, and lows sit in the low to mid-50s. However, these are the warmest months of the year, so if you want some sunshine while visiting Karlovy Vary, these months are your best bet.

There’s no solid way to avoid rain in Karlovy Vary. There are rain days every month of the year. Even in the “low rain” month of December there are 5 rain days (and 7 snow days) on average. In July and August, expect at least 7 and perhaps as many as 10 rainy days.