Visitors to Cuenca have the opportunity to participate in many sports and activities in the city, as well as in neighboring areas. 

            There are many outdoor activities throughout the Cuenca area, many of which are available throughout the year.

            In various areas outside of the city, fishing and hunting are very good.  In fact, both of these sports are the most popular outdoor activities in the city of Cuenca.  There are many rivers within short distances of the city that offer great fly-fishing.  The rivers generally have good numbers of medium sized (12 – 18 inches) fish, consisting mainly of trout species.  The area has a few guide companies, which are good for beginner fishermen or for people who don’t know where to go.  The hunting in the area is generally for small game, like birds, rabbits, etc. Various hunting outfitters can be found in the city and neighboring cities.  The best hunting is found in the lower mountains of Cuenca, known as the Serrania.

            There is one Golf Course located in Cuenca, which is a nine-hole course that is open to the public year round.

            Hiking has become popular in recent years, and there are numerous trails that explore the area’s beautiful landscape.  For information about the area’s trails, visit the city’s tourist office.