The Barajas Madrid Airport is the nearest, fully equipped airport to Zamora. The Barajas Airport is 9 miles from the Madrid city center. It serves more than 40 million passengers per day. The 4 terminal facility offers direct service from major metropolitan areas around the world.

Once visitors arrive in Madrid, they optionally connect to Zamora through bus or railway service. Approximately 25 buses leave from Madrid each day to Salamanca and Zamora. The buses are comfortable, coach vehicles. Each row contains 3 seats and travelers sometimes do not share an entire row.

The Spanish railway that services is called Renfe . It is operated on the Eurail tracks as a regional train service. 4 trains depart Madrid every day. The 3 hour scenic journey leads directly to the Zamora. The Calle Alfonso Pena Station is a 15 minute walk from old town in Zamora.

Budget travelers may find an unexpectedly low air fare to a European city such as London, Paris, or Brussels. Since the Eurail network includes several cities, it is possible to book train service from anywhere in Europe to Zamora. Although the trip will be much longer, it may be worth the additional savings.

Renfe Train Service
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