Roses is 270 miles from Marseille and under 300 miles from Lyon, making it a city most accessible from France.  As for major cities in Spain, Barcelona is quite close, as it shares the same coastal region of the country, though Madrid, at 500 miles out, is a bit farther away.

A close airport to Roses would be Barcelona (Girona)airport just south of the city of Girona and is about 40 miles from Roses < Barcelona Rues Airport is about eighty miles away. .

The nearest train stations to Roses are located in Vilajuiga and Figueres, both of which are within fifteen miles of the city and are places from which one can reserve a taxi.  Bus service to and from Figueres, Barcelona, and the city of Cadaques also help bring visitors in from other, more major metropolitan areas.

Should you decide to rent a car from Barcelona or Madrid, take Motorway A7 or Road N-II, respectively.  To get from Figueres to Roses, try local road 260.  Updated traffic information can be found here .