The weather in Cala Sant Vicenc remains fairly mild all year round, one of the reasons for it being such a popular tourist destination for people from Europe's colder countries.  The weather in Cala Sant Vicenc, however, is not tropical and the village and its island of Majorca do get colder weather during the winter. 

The summer temperatures in Majorca average in the low 80's during July and August, its warmest months.  The spring and fall on the island typically have high temperatures in the 70's, also quite pleasant, though not as good for beach going as the summers.  Cala Sant Vicenc winters tend to have their lows in the high 30's and low 40's.  The area's coldest months are December and January.  Majorca's winters, however, do not last very long, and temperatures on the island generally begin climbing again as early as late March.

Most visitors come to Cala Sant Vicenc during the spring and summer months when they can best enjoy its beaches.  The locals on the island appreciate the rest they get from tourists during the winter, using the time to concentrate on family rather than work.

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