Playa Morón is a secluded beach on the north shore of the Samana Peninsula.  Head west out of the town of El Limon and take the firt left after the bridge then look for the sign a couple miles down the road.   Morón is best reached by a 4x4 vehicle or ATV.  There are no facilities on this beach so go prepared if you plan to spend the day here.  Don't shy away from the young kids that live near this beach, for a dollar or two you can get a real show as they climb up the long tall coconut trees to get you a refreshing drink from the skies.  Beautiful green grass extends up against brown sand.  This beach has no snorkeling because the soft brown sandy bottom extends out very far with not even so much as a rock sticking out of it.  It's an amazing spot to body surf as this beach has 4-8 foot waves that crash onto it nearly everyday.  It is recommended to go to this beach with at least a small group because there is a good chance that your footsteps will be the only ones on this beach when you arrive.


Here at THIS LINK you will find a google earth map, where exactly located.