Margaret River enjoys a climate that makes it ideal for all the myriad of activities here – winemaking, water sports and outdoor activities.

The climate in Margaret River is Mediterranean with dry, warm summers and cool, wet winters. Summer here is roughly December through February and winter is June though August. The wet season is generally April through October, so generally the fall through winter.

The alternately wet and dry weather creates an ideal climate for growing winegrapes, and the warm, but not hot summers makes for ideal water sports.

Average temperatures here in the summer rarely exceed 89 degrees or so. Although they can be a bit lower, thanks to the ocean breezes that can come up, they will rarely exceed this temperature. By the same token, mild winter temperatures don’t often exceed 64 degrees during the day, with an average low of 51.

This area is considered an all-year destination due to the simple abundance of activities available here and the generally mild year-round weather. Summer here is a high season, though, as it’s winter in many parts of the world and Margaret River – and many other areas of Australia – become a destination for people escaping their cold weather. While it can be wet in Margaret River during winter, this is also an ideal time to go hiking, wine tasting and enjoy a myriad of other activities.