Getting to Queenstown is not an easy process. If you are coming from the United States, it will literally take you over a day. Generally, flights originating from overseas, will land in Auckland or Christchurch first. Afterwards, there will be a short flight to Queenstown. All told this could add up to about 26-28 hours of travel, depending on lay-overs and other variables such as weather and delays.

Queenstown is serviced by three airlines: Air New Zealand, Virgin Australia and Jetstar. Prices for these flights can be very expensive, if you leave your booking too late. If you are already in Australia and want to head to Queenstown for a few days, you can get direct flights daily in the winter time, or 2-3 times a week in the summer time.

There is some fantastic scenery on the roads, and you get to see a good deal of the country if you choose this option. This will also take you a long time in the end though, as you will probably have to drive slowly when going through the mountains.