Both taxis and rental cars are good options for getting around the city of Christchurch, but there are drawbacks to relying too heavily on taxi transportation.

            Most people who visit Christchurch don’t come to only explore this city.  New Zealand is a small country with landscape diversity unmatched in the world.  Because of this, most tourists choose to explore more than just one city during a visit. 

            There are a few options for getting around while in New Zealand, but the most popular has become renting cars, vans, or mobile homes.  There are benefits to renting each type of vehicle.  For example, cars get the best gas mileage (which is important when prices are around $4/gallon), vans allow a bit more room, and mobile homes can eliminate lodging costs.  Many companies around Christchurch rent cars, a partial list of which can be seen here.  These same companies generally offer vans and station wagons.  There are also many companies around Christchurch that rent wide ranges of Mobile homes.  United Campervans and Affordable Motor Homes are only two of the options. 

            Taxis are readily available throughout the city of Christchurch, with a number of companies offering services.  Fares are standard across the board and based on the meter.  See NZ Taxi Info for more information.  A few companies operating in the area can be found at Christchurch Taxis.  The only problem with taking taxis is that they limit your exploration to the city, and NZ has much more to offer. 

Most car hire offices are located near the Christchurch International Airport.  This is convenient for most travellers to Christchurch as it allows pick up and drop off of vehicles without needing to arrange for transportation to or from the airport when you don’t have a car.  Rental Cars New Zealand offers free airport pick up and drop off for their customers. also offers good price vehicle even you can compare the car rental prices from Top International Brands. It would be more easy for you to book a car on rent without any problem.