This stunning Heritage Centre is located on the outskirts of Blenheim near the local airport, 79 Aerodrome Road ,Omaka, Marlborough. It stands in an area surrounded by farmland and some beautiful vineyards.The museum is housed in a fairly non-descript building with an area for parking near the entrance. OPEN 7 days a week from 10:00am - 5:00pm (last entry at 4pm),CLOSED Christmas Day and Boxing Day ONLY and can be visited in all types of weather.If planning a visit near ANZAC Day on 25th April the museum has special opening hours from 1pm – 5pm and would hold significant memories of WW1 for some visitors. The Omaka Airpark is located adjacent to this centre and also nearby are one or two much larger heritage aircraft.

Check the Museum website for entry prices which has single ticket, family or concession rates on: Aviation Heritage Centre has a café serving light refreshments and a museum shop that retails a range of limited edition souvenirs in a range of prices.

All of the public areas are accessible to visitors with disabilities as the exhibition floor and facilities are on one level only. Visitors may photograph or video the exhibits within the Heritage Centre for private memories only. Lighting is bright around the exhibits however subdued in other areas adding to the haunting atmosphere.

There are over twenty exhibits spread over several areas with a path that weaves in and around each theme or section.Each one depicts a certain aircraft type, theme of WW 1, aircraft from the pioneering era and artefact showcases.A star exhibit so rare (notably the only 'Caproni Ca 22') is found here and is the only one left in the world.Other well known aircraft (with actual artefacts) is the one that describes Manfred Von Richthofen's last flight on 21st April, 1918.The Red Baron was mortally wounded and here the AHC shows his last moments. Also look for the Blue Max(made into a movie),Grids Great Escape (a New Zealand favourite), the 'Aeroplane in a tree' display, (a Royal Flying Corps Nieuport and the most photographed exhibit at the AHC); a scene where an ambulance with woman driver struggles though a muddy theartre of war and several other famous planes of the era.Each scene has been masterfully produced and word has it that the Director Peter Jackcon (Lord of the Rings fame) had some input with some of the displays.

The Heritage Centre has done an amazing job with this collection of aircraft and memorabilia from a bygone era.Marvel at the aircraft, read the stories and be taken back to an horrific period of world history or to a time when man(or woman) took risks to discover how much could be achieved in the air.