September weather is hard to predict, but count on it being cold. Odds are that you won't have to drive through snow (but it does happen - most likely location would be Lindis Pass), but certainly between Queenstown and Christchurch,  there will be areas where the roads are very icy. 

This is not to say that South Island has unusually bad winter driving conditions - they are no worse than any other country that has a similar winter climate.  Parts of Tasmania certainly get similar winter road conditions.

Icy does mean slippery. Don't brake on corners - brake in a straight line before the corner. You should drive cautiously as 'black ice' can't be seen on the road surface. The sections of road most at risk of ice are those that don't get a lot of sun during the day.

Note that New Zealand does not salt roads - although grit is often put down on icy sections of road.

In your accommodation, you may encounter a "heat pump". Some UK and European visitors are unfamiliar with this type of wall-mounted electric heater, operated by a remote control device, confusing it with a cool-air air-conditioner. These are both, and as such are known alternatively as "inverters".

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