Travelers who enjoy exploring museums will find that there are a number of options in Wellington.  The area is rich with history and there are a number of locations highlighting different time periods of Wellington’s past.  A comprehensive list of museums in the area is available at .  Top picks include:

  • Museum of Wellington is full of  interesting tales from the city's past. Covering early settlement of the city, 20th century history and maritime history its a great place to visit and learn about Wellington's fascinating history. (
  • National Cricket Museum ( or ) is a museum devoted to the history and highlights of Wellington’s favorite sport.
  • Museum of New Zealand ( ) is the place to go to experience the historic past of the entire country.
  • Carter Observatory ( ) is a planetarium and science center offering interactive exhibits.
  • Alexander McKay Geological Museum: .
  • Golder Cottage ( ) is a historic home set up for travelers to see how life was experienced in Wellington in the past.
  • Southward Vintage Car Museum ( ) is a top choice for travelers interested in seeing the old style cars once used in the area.
  • Wellington City Gallery ( ) is the top choice for heading to an art museum in the area.
  • Te Papa Tongarewa ( ) is the top pick by most travel guides, as it offers insight in to the history, culture and artistic expression of Wellington.
  • ZEALANDIA: The Karori Sanctuary Experience:  A Haven for endangered native birds and wildlife such as little spotted kiwi, saddleback and tuatara, just minutes from central Wellington. The unique predator-proof fence surrounding the Sanctuary protects the wildlife and ensures that the forest eventually regenerates to its former glory. (
  • Kapiti Island Alive: Kapiti Island offers a unique opportunity to view New Zealand’s most endangered and rare birds in a completely natural situation. An island totally free of all introduced predators, Kapiti is home to rare birds such as Little Spotted Kiwi, Kokako, Saddleback and Stitchbird. On the island, you will be taken on guided walks amidst native flora and fauna and birdlife. 

 Museum of New Zealand (Te Papa Tongarewa)