Travellers heading to Wellington from the Northern Hemisphere (including the United States and Europe) are reminded that the seasons of the area are flip-flopped with those of their point of origin.  In other words, when it is summer in the United States, it is winter in Wellington and vice versa.  This can be nice for travelers who wish to escape the heat of summer or cold of winter in their own areas.

In general, the best time to head to Wellington in terms of the weather is late spring through to mid autumn.  In Wellington, this means that November through April are the months during which a trip should be planned.  Temperatures are warm then, but comfortably so, and are generally appreciated by visitors who are leaving winter behind elsewhere in the world.

The wind turbine overlooking Wellington sets world records, so be prepared for the wind.  Generally, the equinoxial winds in Spring are the worst, but you can be assured that many days the wind is very moderate, and no problem most evenings - why else would alfresco bars and cafes be so popular!

Travellers heading to Wellington during the winter there (June through August) will find that it can get chilly and layers are definitely required, but it does not snow or gets unreasonably cold.  Wind-proof clothing is highly recommended; umbrellas are not.

Updated weather information for Wellington is online at or .  

Here is the link to: NZ Met Service : Wellington Four Day Weather Forecast