As they say, 'In Melbourne, even the weather is stimulating'. This southern Australian city is virtually in a climate zone all its own - the one thing predictable about the weather is that it's famously unpredictable! (The local saying goes: "If you don't like the weather, just wait five minutes!") But it's rarely either too hot or too cold, and whatever the weather, there's always plenty to see and enjoy at any time of year.

Best seasons are generally considered to be autumn (March to May) and spring (September to November). These are the best times to enjoy good weather and avoid massive tourist crowds. Humidity for most of the year is not particularly high so you won't be sweating it out as you walk around. Summers (December to February) are warm, sometimes hot  - one day can be 25 degrees Celsius and the next 40). 

Although winters (June to August) can be cold, you won't experience ice storms or blizzards, and at this time, you'll enjoy highly discounted airfare and more availability in the hostels and hotels. There are ski fields 3- 5 hours outside the city, and it sometimes snows on the higher hills outside the city (but never in the actual urban area). Nights in winter can be quite bracing, and mornings incur some fog which clears during the day.

The city is in the Southern Hemisphere, so seasons are opposite to those in the Northern Hemisphere - i.e. summer is December through February, winter June - August, etc., Remember this when planning your trip - plenty of people forget that the peak season is December through February when schools are out of session, locals more likely to travel, flights more expensive, and accommodation harder to find.

If surfing is a priority, March-August is a good time because the breaks are at their best in Torquay, about an hour and a half south west. Torquay is home to Bells Beach, the Rip Curl Classic Pro, and the massive Rip Curl World Headquarters (as well as other outlet surf shops where many a fabulous deal can be had).

Melbourne is a place where every season is worth a visit.

For more detailed weather information for Melbourne, please look at the latest weather forecast or check out the month-by-month guide.