Tasmania is part of Australia, so visa requirements are explained in the Australia forum Top Question on Visas

If you are travelling to Tasmania from overseas by air, you will complete all customs and immigration formalities on first arrival at an Australian airport.  If arriving in Tasmania on a cruise ship, those requirements will be organised for you by the cruise line.  If arriving on the ferry from Melbourne, there are no additional customs or immigration requirements.



Everybody travelling to Tasmania is subject to its stringent quarantine regulations.

Every flight and ferry to Tasmania is met by Quarantine officials with sniffer dogs.  There is an extensive list of fruit, vegetable, seafoods and many animal products which must not be imported into Tasmania.  There are special requirements imposed on fishing gear, boats and livestock. Further information on what you can and can't bring to Tasmania is here.

You risk a heavy fine if you bring prohibited items to Tasmania.


Taking a Dog to Tasmania

The special requirements for bringing a dog to Tasmania are here.

If you have inadvertently brought any prohibited goods, you must declare it and it may be destroyed.  Failure to make a proper declaration results in a stiff fine.