The Adelaide Central Market is behind the Hilton Hotel situated in Victoria Square . At 140 years old, it is one of the oldest Indoor markets in the world, and is South Australia's most visited tourist attraction. Central market has long been an Adelaide Icon, and is often described as “the Heart of Adelaide”.

Central Market is predominantly a fruit, vegetable, and small goods market (selling cheese, breads, flowers, sweets, and an array of delicacies from a variety of cultures), but there are also a number of cafes and eateries within its walls offering a broad range of foods. The market features an extensive range of fruits and vegetables and prices differ between vendors, so shop around. Haggling is not commonplace, though, so you'll have to pay the asking price. 

 Central Market is open every day besides Sunday and Monday. The best time to go is usually Friday night and Saturday morning, when the market is at its busiest, or Saturday afternoon, when the vendors drastically reduce the prices of their produce in anticipation of the two-day Market closure. The market closes at 3pm on Saturday and reopens 7am Tuesday Morning. 

Chinatown is connected to Central Market, and both ends of the market open out into popular Adelaide Restaurant streets- Gouger street and Grote street. Of these, Gouger has the largest range of restraurants and cuisines, with a number of cheap Asian eateries, as well as bars and cafes. There is a large Coles supermarket on the Grote street side of Central market, for any of your other shopping needs.

Like many markets, the vendors do not provide shopping bags, and the majority accept cash only. Shopping bags can be purchased from the Coles supermarket on Grote street, and there are a number of ATM machines on both Grote and Gouger streets and within the malls connecting China Town to the market, so money should not be a problem. There is a large car park above Central market which can be accessed from both Grote and Gouger street, and is the only undercover cark park in the direct area.

Trams and buses are nearby.

 The market is clean, safe, and well-lit, so you don't need to worry about pick pockets or other types of opportunisitic crime, and can safely bring the whole family.

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