City of Adelaide - Landmarks Info

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Adelaide streets are arranged in a grid with many streets running east-west across the main north-south road King William Street. Be aware that streets change their names as they cross King William Street.  King William Street has the only tramline running along its entire length. As you enter and leave the city you will cross a series of continous open spaces known as the Parklands which surround the city and North Adelaide.These are real feature of Adelaide and include many sports grounds, the Botanic Gardens and Park, the Zoo, an olive grove, the wine centre, playgrounds, a japanese garden, a cemetery, golf courses, a swimming centre as well as large areas of open parkland.

A "must see" landmark is Colonel Light's statue, called Light's Vision. It is in North Adelaide on Montefiore Hill (the extension of Morphett Street, heading north towards North Adelaide). It overlooks the city skyline, with Adelaide Oval in the foreground.

The walk along the north side of North Terrace will take you over plaques of prominent South Australians over the ages, with a little information about each of them. In the section east of King William Street you will find the Museum, Art Gallery, War Memorial and University There are also several fine statues including the magnificent Boer War memorial featuring a light horseman riding a horse.