You could go to the Great Barrier Reef and sit on the beach all day. You could make an entire one or two weeks of that alone. But most people choose at least a little more activity for their stay here. Namely, snorkeling, diving and even kayaking.

For ease of planning, many companies book complete vacation packages that include your transportation, accommodations, scuba and diving packages and other activities.

If you want to go diving and explore the great beauty of this area, many beaches provide diving literally right off the beach, like Lady Elliot, Heron and Green islands. Many other islands are within a short boat ride of a great dive.

If you want to take a boat ride to dive or snorkel, several companies can help you out. Most boat trips last about a half day, (or 4-5 hours) and offer an average of 2 dives each. Depending on your needs, you can book a dive/snorkel package for beginners, those of moderate skill, or for advanced divers and snorkelers.

Once you’re tired of diving or snorkeling, you can kayak, windsurf, or even take a water taxi to a deserted island and call for a return pick-up. If you want more land-based activities, hiking is extremely popular here.