There is so much in terms of outdoors activities in Cairns, the hardest part will be fitting it all in to your trip.

For an unique way to see the area, consider Ballooning - the hot air balloons take off before sunrise from Cairns on the Atherton Tablelands, allowing you to have the most incredible sunrise experience of your life. Return transfers from all Cairns accommodation is available with these tours.

  • Hot Air Balloon Port Douglas (07) 40399 910 
  • Raging Thunder telephone: (07) 40307900
  • Hot Air Balloon Cairns telephone: (07) 4039 9900 
  • Adventure junkies will find no shortage of ways to amuse themselves. Where else can you bungee jump off a tower in the middle of a rainorest? The AJ Hackett Bungy Tower is just north of the city in the rainforest and is high enough that you get awesome views of the Coral Sea and mountains. If you want more information about throwing yourself off a tower with just an enormous rubber band tied to your ankles, call (07) 40577188

    There are a range of skydiving operations that jump not far from Cairns, it's yet another opportunity for those a little nuts in the head to do something crazy. Throw yourself out of a plane if you're still craving personal danger.

    You can also view Platypus, go fishing or have a great light meal at Tarzali Lakeson the Atherton Tablelands phone (07) 4097 2713 for more details.

    Once your heart is back in your chest, you can go horseback riding, mountain biking, hiking, fishing, or bushwalking, just to name a few of the many activities that will keep you active while hanging in Cairns.