Emergency Number

From the official emergency services website - www.triplezero.gov.au

Dial Triple Zero (000) for police, fire or ambulance in a life or property threatening time critical emergency situation from all telephones (landline, mobile phones and payphones) in Australia.

 If you are deaf or have a speech or hearing impairment you can call 106 using a textphone (TTY) or a computer with modem access, to request police, fire or ambulance assistance. For more information go to www.relayservice.com.au/topics/2065.html

Marine Stingers

Can be found in tropical waters all over the world during the Months November to May. Many beaches will have bottles of vinegar at strategic points in case of stings which is very rare. It is recommended to swim in designated swimming enclosures on beaches during these months and these beaches are patrolled by Australian Surf Lifesavers.  For other areas like the reefs it is advised to wear a lycra  suit not only for peace of mind but to also protect you from the dangerous sun whilst snorkelling on the top of the water. These suits are sometimes provided by the tour operator free or for a small charge as they have to dry clean them everyday.


Crocodiles are part of the attraction of this tropical destination but just stay out of their way and they will stay out of yours. Warning signs are often placed on beaches and along rivers just to make visitors aware that they may be present in that location. Its a bit like sharks in the ocean we know they are there as that is their home but sightings are rare. However no sign does not mean no risk. Crocodiles prefer to hide in the warm, brackish estaurine waters of northern rivers. Please be sure any waterway is safe before swimming or undertaking other water sports. If in doubt stay out.


If you see a snake please give it a little time as they will normally move away and give you your space. If hiking keep to the trails as they can easily be seen ahead on the track sunning themselves and wear long socks and hiking boots to protect your legs just in case you frighten one and it tries to protect itself by stiking at you. If you find a snake indoors please contact your holiday accommodation manager or animal control professionals to have it removed. Do not attempt it yourself even if you feel certain it is non venomous as it is very hard to identify that it is actually non-venonmous vs venonmous.


 If going on a hike please advise your accommodation provider of your plans and your expected return arrival time. This is basic common sense and can be life saving if a simple wrong turn leads to becoming lost or a minor accident leaves one stranded.


When travelling in any worldwide tropical destination please use an insect repellent, especially in low lying grassy areas to protect yourself from pesky mossies and midges.

Off road Adventures the Outback and the Cape

If a visitor please use a well known tour group rather than self drive if going into wilderness areas. Trips require a great deal of planning, emergency communications devices, spare parts, fuel supplies, water and food emergency supplies and  road conditions cannot be guaranteed. Roads can and are frequently cut due to flooding, mainly in the green season March April. Without local knowledge or wilderness planning I would recommend self driving in a rental be restricted to Cooktown, Chillagoe and Undara. Also rental agencies will have their own limitations were the rental vehicles can be taken so please check.

 Crime in townships

Please take normal precautions in protecting valuables. Some bag snatching occuring in the nightclub areas late at night reported but generally very safe destination.