All areas

Tuesday night is when the pizza chains do their best deals. Examples include $5.50 from Eagle Boys and $5.90 from Pizza Hut for a large pizza. You can also download coupons from their website. 

You can purchase Brisbane Budget Bites if you're staying in town a bit longer. This handy, little guide lists good restaurants where you can pick up meals for less than $20.

RSL and other local clubs often offer great value meals where you'll find the locals tucking in. The only catch is - you may need to be a member of the club, or attend with a member to enter. Examples include Hamilton Bowls Club which offers $6.95 meals on Tuesdays.


Govinda's vegetarian restaurant (run by the Hare Krishnas) do a $10 all-you-can-eat buffet. On the first Sunday of every month they also have a $5 feast. You do a bit of listening, then meditation, then tuck in!

Fortitude Valley

The Royal George Hotel in Fortitude Valley (corner of Ann and Brunswick Streets) have cheap eating options that change every night when you buy a drink. Examples include Mexicana Mondays ($2 tacos, $3 burritos) and $6.50 steaks on Wednesday.

 Zaffron (Persian/Eurostyle restaurant) do a 4 course dinner for $32 on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday.

 The Tibetan Kitchen has many main meals for under $15 - every day. 

 The Alibi Room has $2 tacos and $3 burritos on Tuesdays.


Gandhi Curry House all curries available for under $15 from 11.30am till 3.00pm every day

West End / South Brisbane

Most of the restaurants around the West End / South Brisbane area do fantastic lunch deals, you can usually pick up a great meal for between $10-$15.

Punjabi Palace Indian Restaurant on Melbourne Street does a $9.99 Curry + Rice + Salad deal at lunch times for a variety of Curry dishes.

The Greek Club has a number of options for $10 from their lunch menu, it is a great way to sample a variety of Greek Cuisine at a small price, especially if you are with a friend and willing to share.