Comments about nude holidays.

The advantages.

You can take far less clothes and baggage. Keep the cost down by taking hand lugage only.

Theres no need to sit on the beach with wet clingy swim suits that never seem to dry out, not to mention the chafing from sand getting into your crevices.

Naturist's seem to be more friendly, have greater respect for people and tend to leave the beach with only footsteps in the sand.


Due to not being a main stream holiday can be slightly more expensive but then every niche market has that problem.


Getting back to Maspalomas beach. It's a great beach with many naturists using the middle part of the beach and live in harmony with textile beach users.

There is a dedicated nudist resort in Maspalomas with 28 bungalows around a pool and Jacuzzi with on site restuarant.  Stayed there when it opened about 7 years ago and it was great.

You can see more of the resort on