Bromma Airport

The most central of all Stockholm's airports, Bromma handles mainly internal flights (plus Brussels and Denmark). You can get more information at the official airport website -

There are two regular means of getting to the centre using public transport. The 110 bus goes to Alvik T-bana station where you can catch the Green Line to T-Centralen (about 35-40 minutes). The alternative is to take the 152 bus to Sundbyberg on the mainline train system (pendeltåg) and then take the train to T-Centralen (25 minutes). The first of these routes is slower but offers more flexibility for changing to other t-bana lines and getting off at stations that are closer to some hotels.  Alvik also has several hotels if the ones in the centre of town are full. A third option is the private airport bus which takes you directly to T-Centralen (20 minutes). Tickets can be booked online at