Arcos buses

Arcos buses 

The above picture is taken at Arcos bus station. This is where you can take a bus into Jerez or even Cadiz and Seville and many other places. The bus station is unmanned and the information posted on the noticeboards tends to be a bit chaotic. If you need help about times use the internet before your travels and certainly ask the locals. 

For local transport within the town of Arcos area, you can use the smaller buses - the picture above shows the micro bus on the right that goes up through the town and out the other end then back again. Very useful if you do not fancy taking a taxi or walking up the old town hill to the top. 

The other larger bus on the left goes to the old town but not to the very top  but is very useful for getting from Bario Bajo which is at the far side of Arcos (the eastern end) .

The timetables are shown on this link but basically they run about every 20 minutes during weekedays and maybe 30 minutes for the micro bus running through the old town.

So when the micro bus gets to the top of the old town approaching St Marys Parish church (Santa María de la Asunción)  it needs to pass a very narrow gap beside the church. Let's see how narrow :

Behind Santa Maria  


Getting further afield

 The buses that call at Arcos bus station usually are continuing to other destinations. For example Ubrique or Villamartin. They almost always get into Jerez main bus station. The bus journey between Arcos and Jerez is around 35 minutes with a brief stop at Jedula. The bus is never full and the fare is reasonably inexpensive - just pay the driver.  Many of these buses are operated by LOS AMARILLOS bus compan.

Some services are run by Cadiz based Transportes Generales COMES especially the one running inland as far as Ronda. It goes through some fine scenery. This is the main web page of TG COMES:

TG COMES bus company

specific route details for Pueblos Blancos bus Arcos to Ronda :

TG COMES Pueblos Blancos 


and don't forget you have two buses daily to reach Seville for a modest price of less than €10 ! Plus a bus to Malaga.