Elba Island has a pretty fun nightlife. Though there aren't a whole lot of crazy bars and clubs, there are still a good amount. Because there are just a few good ones, they are always packed and the parties go all night long. One of the best bars and clubs to go to is called Sugar Reef in the town of Capoliveri. This is a club in a busy part of Elba Island that attracts a lot of tourists. The club often has live entertainment almost every night between the months of March and October. Even though the busiest month to visit Elba Island are between May and September, the club stays open in the off season months as well for other travelers who have come late. Many big acts come to the island, and a good number of them play at Sugar Reef. If you don't want to hang out at Sugar Reef, however, you can go to some of the other bars on the island as well. While Sugar Reef has a dress code, you can go to other bars that are more relaxed and you can wear what you want. The drinks will usually be much cheaper in other bars also, because Sugar Reef hikes up their prices a bit because they know they can get the money out of the tourists. Still, a fun thing to do is just buy an inexpensive bottle of wine and enjoy the night.

A good place to go is the Il Tinello at Marina di Campo on Provincial Street; where you can eat and listen to live music.

Il Tinello