Bamberg is a beautiful inexpensive city and has many breweries for the beer lovers. With over 100 breweries in the county, Bamberg hosts more breweries than any other county in the world.

Usually served in half liter ceramic mugs, breweries of Bamberg serve weissen, pils, lagers and the well known smoked beers. Prices range from euro 1,50 to euro 3,50. The usual price for a beer outside the city limits is euro 1,60 for a half liter of beer. Some of the best beers in the world once you have found your favorite or several favorite breweries. Food prices at Gasthauses are consistant with the cheap beer prices. A usual full course country style lunch or dinner will run you about euro 9,00 and more expensive if you eat in the city limits. For about $20.00 you can enjoy a good meal and 3-4 beers which makes for an interesting evening so long as you don't have to operate a vehilce.

Hotel prices vary but a decent clean room in a three star hotel will run about euro 70-.

The city of Bamberg is truely fascinating offering all the tales of Germany that Americans have fostered thru watching Disney etc. Castles, old churches, stones roads, "fach work" houses and numerous little shops in the town square known as the Gruner Markt and Maximillin Platz.

To find information about breweries, hotels, gasthauses, tours, etc. simply go to your search engine and type in Bamberg, Germany which will link you to many sites. Bamberg is a county worth visiting regardless of your desires but definitely caters to beer lovers.