As one guide book puts it, Bamberg is "a virtual byword for magnificence."  Yes, Bamberg is famous for its seven hills, canal gondolas, and especially statistics for breweries-per-capita (excellent beers--including the famed 'rauchbier' or smoked beer), but for a relatively small city, it's a treasure chest of cultural, historic, scenic and local delights.  Visit some of the most magnificent churches in Europe within a stone's throw---Vierzehnheiligen is a roccoco masterpiece just 20 min north of the city, across the valley from another exemplar of the counter-reformation, Kloster Banz monastery and church.  South of the city is Goesswanstein, another breathlessy decorated of the incredible Bavarian parish churches, in the heart of 'Little Switzerland', a picturesque region of beautiful rock outcroppings and rivers, caverns and castles.  And the mother of the five high churches in town, the Cathedral (Dom) dating to the 13th c--and artifacts to the 10th c.  You feel the stones of the great and unique two-apsed church whispering it's storied history as you walk through the works of art and tombs of Holy Roman emporers and the only pope interred north of the Alps.  Don't miss the Tour Under Bamberg, a warren of former burial sites and wine storage vaults and all its war history---a history largely undisturbed as Bamberg was barely grazed by allied bombers.  Or a stroll through the surprisingly vibrant shopping streetscapes of modern to 15th c structures, over the famed island Rathouse bridge over the Regnitz river.  A pleasant bike trip on cheap rentals takes you along the Main-Danube canal, into the parks past the Tennis club and Botanical Gardens to the fascinating locks at the canal entrance.  Or catch the boat tour in town through a lock and on to the port area for a pleasant afternoons rest.  You can take an audio tour in  English by 'renting' a handset from the Tourist Office, and when you're finished, cross through the Theater gasse to the ticket office for a chance to see and hear the world class Bamberg Symphoniker.  But maybe you'd best wait on those tickets, as Brotzeit (suppertime) at a Brauerei (brewery), of surprisingly delicious cold meats and cheeses and some of the most wonderful beer in the world in wood-paneled, antler-adorned eateries to watch the locals and listen to their Franconian dialect is an experience not to be missed!  Bamberg's most famous icon--the amazing 1000 year old Bamberger Reiter---may not draw the millions Mona Lisa does, but the town provides one of the sweetest tourist stops to spend time in all of Europe. 

No, this is not a contribution by the tourist office!  Come enjoy, and stay a while!