Travelers may be interested in timing their trip to Mont-St-Michel with events and activities going on in the area.  Such travelers should know that summer is the time to head to the area.  (More information on when to go to the area is available at .)  A majority of the events happen during the summer tourist rush.

For example, the Mont-St-Michel Marathon ( http://www.mont-saint-michel-marathon... ) takes place in the middle of June each year.  This event is enjoyed not only by participants but also by spectators who can grab a spot on the beach, keeping an eye on the famous tides of the area, and watch the annual event.  Approximately one month later, another annual event, The Pilgrimage Across the Shore, takes place.  Visitors often enjoy this event.  More information is available at .

Although travelers often avoid heading to Mont-St-Michel in September because of the flooding problems associated with the tides at that time of year, there is an important September event in the area.   The end of September is the time to celebrate St. Michael, the patron saint (and archangel) for which the area is named.   Mont-St-Michel becomes highly celebratory at this time, and though it is primarily an event for locals travelers in the area at that time may enjoy the festivities.