Roissy has a pretty good selection of athletic activities. At the Tournelles Sports Complex alone there is a multisport area with galleries, the multipurpose Marcel Heryais gym, a natural grass playing field, a synthetic playing field, a four-lane track, a climbing wall, a judo dojo, body building equipment, and 30 cardio training machines.

Tennis players can rent courts by the hour from the Roissy-en-France Sports Service, and swimmers can dive into the intercommunal swimming pool. Swimming services include a swimming school, aquagym classes, and individual lessons, plus the health club’s sauna, tanning facilities, and a relaxation area, all of which are open during pool hours.

Right in the center of town is an open-air course with various body-building devices and instructional signs for each activity. And on the edge of town is the green valley, a park with walking and bicycle paths, and picnic facilities. Those interested in bicycling can rent bicycles by the hour, half-day, or longer. Check with local bicyclettes at the Proxi mini-market on 3 place du Pays de France.