Porto-Vecchio is a very safe location for travelers of all ages.  There is very little crime in this small town and it is rarely directed at travelers.  This location is off the radar of major international disaster and is generally not a place where people engage in even petty theft crimes.

The most dangerous part of Porto-Vecchio is the beach.  Travelers should always be sure to engage in common sense behavior when enjoying the local beaches in order to prevent any problems associated with improper water safety.  Beach safety means watching out for problems with the water, the sun and the weather.

In terms of the water, travelers should be aware of the basic tides.  They should know their own swimming ability and should be sure to remain well within that ability, not going too far out from shore and the like.  Travelers should also be sure to always swim with partners or to at least let others know where they will be and when they expect to return.

In terms of the sun and the weather, travelers should always wear sunscreen and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.   They should remain aware of the updated weather conditions and forecasts in order to be aware of any unusual storms or any problems in the area.   See http://www.redcross.org/services/hss/... for more water safety information.