Volterra was the capital of the Estruscan empire which at one time was larger than the Tuscany area.  The Estruscans worked with alabaster and metals to create jewelry, images, tools and funeraries.  See the museums for actual findings and buy reproductions in the shops.   Alabaster carvings are one of the highlights.  A lot of the original city wall is in tact and the site of the Estruscan temple ruins and a Roman amphitheater are incredible.  The graveyard is beautiful and huge ---filled with flowers and images of the people who are buried there.  The ancient graves have carved pictures of the dead on them and the modern graves have drawings and photographs on them.  It is impressive and very old and still used.  The city is alive and sits on a high hill.  It is a living breathing medieval hill town.  And don't miss the market that arrives once a week.  Sienna is close by to the southeast.