Viareggio is located in the northwestern part of Tuscany, between the Alps and the Tyrrhenian Sea. A number of options for traveling to and from Viareggio are available.

By Air

    There are a couple of airports one could fly into when visiting Viareggio. One is the airport in Florence, the other is the one in Pisa. The airport in Pisa is closer, about 45 minutes away from Viareggio, compared to a little more than an hour needed to travel from Florence to Viareggio. Pisa also has more airlines that fly into it and services more destinations. Florence, however, is the larger travel hub in general and may be more convenient if you are planning on traveling elsewhere in Italy.

     The airport in Pisa is located directly on a railway, so you can go directly from your flight to a train to Viareggio. There is also bus service, and the usual taxi hire and car rental agencies.

By Train

    Viareggio is easily accessible via Italy's fast and convenient train service, Trenitalia

By Car

    Viareggio is located at the intersection of Italy's A11 and E80. The A11 extends east towards Florence and the E80 runs along Italy's western coastline.