Tourism in Tuscany is the official tourism website of the Tuscany region of Italy where Viareggio is located.  The city itself does not have its own tourist board.  The website is available in both English and Italian and provides an extensive amount of information for visitors to the region.  A large section outlining the region's artistic heritage and history provides an excellent background for those thinking of visiting, giving suggestions about the things that one may want to make time to see.  The site also provides maps, weather reports, transportation information, hotel and accommodations listings, dining suggestions, and a listing of recommended spas.  There is also a page on sport activities. 

The Italian Tourist Board's website, Italia, may also be a good source of information in Viareggio.  This site, run by the national government's tourism office, provides good, accurate information for the entire country.  To find information on a specific region, click on that region on the map located on the homepage, or click on its name.  Visitors to this site can also order brochures and other information online.