Viareggio is generally safe, but tourists should beware near public transportation areas, especially at night. Pick pocketing and "snatch and grab" thefts are not frequent, but might occur near the station (P.zza Dante) or bus station (P.zza d'Azeglio). Be especially cautious after dark in Viareggio 's Pinewood. To avoid muggings, don't walk by yourself, especially in isolated areas or after dark. If you are using an ATM make sure that nobody watches as you enter your PIN. Also, it is common for criminals to rig ATMs so that they keep your card. If your card isn't returned, report it to the bank immediately.

If engaging in water sports, make sure you practice basic safety precautions like wearing life vests. If operating a motorized water vehicle like a boat or a jet ski, familiarize yourself with the safe operation of the vehicle before heading far from shore. Don't let the language barrier get in the way of basic safety. Operations like scuba gear rental, bike rental, or jet ski rental places are often required to provide you with the necessary safety gear for your activity.