If you come to Positano from Sorrento and do not want to rent a car (makes perfect sense as the road rules in this part of the world are a constant question mark even for Italian drivers), do not bother using the big buses for which you have to queue in front of Sorrento train station.  Even in October there is a long queue of over 150 tourists waiting for a bus to arrive and you might have to wait for hours to reach Positano.

This is where a bit of Italian language knowledge might come in handy, so find some 7-8 people to fill in a mini bus, paying each 10 euros from Sorrento to Positano to leave straight away.  You will reach Positano some 20min later (a massive bus would take double to make this distance due to the fact the mountain roads are so small and need lots of manouvers.  Really inspired!!!!!

Reaching Positano, walk for some 5min through the myriad of pedestrianised roads packed with shops, restaurants, cafes - but oh, so idyllic!  Perfect post card picture!

Also, do not consider travelling in the rush hour with a big bus coming from Amalfi to take you to Sorrento for example.  Take the business card of a mini bus driver, as apparently they can bring you back or even take you further afield with as little as 30min notice.  Make sure you agree on the price in advance.

Alternatively travel via ferry from Positano port to Capri or Amalfi.  But check the departure times as some Italian websites are not providing the correct information for this time of the year.  The ferry Positanto-Capri costs18.50 euros one way and the ferry from Capri to Sorrento some 16.50 euros (as in October 2012).

Watch out on the restaurants in Positano as you can easily be charged more.