Taxis and rental cars are both available in the Montecatini Terme area. 

            There are a few taxis companies that operate within the city limits of Montecatini. Taxis do hang around major public areas, but are otherwise hard to find.  The best way to arrange for a pickup is by either calling the company directly or asking a hotel or restaurant to call for you.  Fares are determined by meters.  Taking taxis far outside of the city is not recommended as the rates will get very expensive.  In these situations, other forms of transportation are recommended (see the Trip Advisor Getting Around page), including rental cars.

            Renting a car is the option that allows the most freedom and flexibility in getting around.  Before deciding to get behind the wheel of a car, make sure to check out this Driving in Italy page.  There are a few places that one can rent a car in the Tuscany region.  Most international visitors fly into either Pisa (45 km southwest) or Florence (30 km southeast). Transport to Montecatini Terme by bus or train from either of these airport locations is available, so obtaining a rental car upon arrival is another option.