Visitors to Montecatini Terme have a few options to consider when it comes to getting around the city and its surrounding areas. 

Renting a car is the option that allows the most freedom and flexibility in exploring the city and beyond.  Before deciding to get behind the wheel of a car, make sure to check out this Driving in Italy link.  There are a few places that one can rent a car in the Tuscany region.  Most international visitors fly into either Pisa (45 km southwest) or Florence (30 km southeast).  Check out these Pisa Car Rental and Florence Car Rental links for information about getting a vehicle at these locations.  Transport to Montecatini Terme by bus or train from either of these airport locations is available, so obtaining a rental car upon arrival is another option. Check out the yellow-pages results

Because Montecatini Terme is a popular tourist destination, there are numerous bus companies that service the city.  For contact information for these companies, visit the Montecatini Tourism Site,  “Transportation” link, and check out the buses page. 

For information about getting around by train, visit this Train Travel in Italy link.

Both train and bus leave Montecatini Terme for Florence and Lucca every ½ hour in non-festive days.

There are a few taxis companies operating in the Montecatini Terme area.  The taxi station number is 0572 75161 or 0572 71352.