There is lots of information about Montecatini Terme available online, which can be very useful to visitors to the area.

           The official Tourist Board Info web-site is , at the moment, without an english section. Quik links to local online resources can be found @

            A good place to begin doing some research is on this Montecatini City Network website.  This site provides lots of information useful to first time travelers and returning visitors to the city.  The Introduction link provides a brief background of the area, and includes a list of useful telephone numbers for doctors, tourist centers, taxis and more.  The Tourism link explains how to get there and provides information about the various airports in the region.  Of course, this site has the basic tourist information about where to stay, what to do, where to eat, and how to get around.

            Another great resource is this Montecatini Terme Tourism website.  Providing much of the same information as the above mentioned site, this one also goes into detail about the city’s surrounding areas.  

            The city’s Spa Website will be of interest for most visitors to the area.

            A good way to get to know an unfamiliar area better is by studying its geography.  Get started by looking at a Map of Italy, a Map of Tuscany, and a Map of Montecatini Terme.

            There are no foreign embassies in Montecatini Terme, but a complete list of those found within Italy can be seen at Embassies List .